TIME’S UP Impact Lab

Data-Driven Solutions to Gender Inequality at Work

Women face barriers to success and security in the workplace at every stage in their career. Whether women are being paid less than their male counterparts, being discriminated against because of pregnancy, sexual harassment or even assault — or forced to make unthinkable tradeoffs because of the lack of access to quality, affordable childcare — it’s clear that we need rigorous solutions to break down all the challenges that are holding women back.

Enter the TIME’S UP Impact Lab, seeded by a generous gift from Pivotal Ventures, an investment and incubation company founded by Melinda Gates.

A photo of Tina Tchen of TIME'S UP
Shonda Rhimes, a principal founder of TIME'S UP, and TIME’S UP's President and Chief Executive Officer, Tina Tchen. © Devan King/TIME'S UP Now

Here’s the bottom line: TIME’S UP believes that only by righting the power imbalances that have deprived women of safety, equity, and dignity for decades will we realize workplaces that allow everyone to thrive.

Sexual harassment is just one of the many symptoms of a system where women are not heard, valued, or believed. A healthy workplace culture that allows women to thrive and be treated equally is one that is free of sexual harassment, that treats women with respect, and compensates them fairly for their work.

That’s why the TIME’S UP Impact Lab is laser-focused on equipping lawmakers, companies, and cultural change-makers with proven solutions to reduce inequality. We’re building a world where women can reach their full potential at work — but that can only happen if we understand the full range of issues that women face daily.

We still don’t know the impact or scope that sexual harassment and discrimination has on women and their families – or the snowballing costs it has on our economy. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) reports that somewhere between 25 to 85 percent of women experience sexual harassment over the course of their careers. That’s a huge margin — and more data still needs to be analyzed to understand the social and economic implications of this pressing problem.

Legislators and actors in the private sector are still searching for the most effective interventions for creating better workplaces for women. We need more research on the kinds of legislation and private sector policies that actually work to create wholesale change and empower women. And crucially, we need to hone in on solutions that center women who are most often overlooked in policy discussions. Because if the solutions we come up with don’t center women of color, workers in lower-wage industries, non-binary workers, disabled workers, and those with tenuous immigration status, then we are not working towards a society that supports all women.

Based in Washington, D.C., the Impact Lab is dedicated to coming up with critical, data-driven solutions to create more equitable workplaces, and making sure those solutions get in the hands of policymakers, private sector leaders, and cultural change makers. We are tackling this problem from all sides to ensure that women can thrive at every level, in every industry.

The Impact Lab will continue to identify and fill knowledge gaps to ensure that those with power are making the kinds of changes that generate more equitable workplaces. The Impact Lab is designed to be results-oriented and solutions-driven, with the power to inform both public policy and private sector change — with the ultimate goal of changing how our society views and reacts to gender-based inequities.

The important work of driving policy change and measuring our impact is just beginning. You can support the critical work of the TIME’S UP Impact Lab with a gift here.