Changing Companies

Pushing Companies to Take a Stand for Fairness

Business leaders have the opportunity to lead the way when it comes to making work safe, fair, and dignified for all women. And they don’t need to wait for laws to make an impact.

Company policies that promote safety and equity are good for workers, good for women, and good for businesses’ bottom lines. In fact, companies lose around $22,500 in productivity per harassed individual, not to mention the added costs of employee turnover, legal costs, and reputational harm.

TIME’S UP isn’t afraid to push companies to do the right thing. We recently spoke at the annual shareholder meeting of Alphabet, Google’s powerful parent company, to push them to release median pay data, a practice that’ll help expose and end the pay gap. We stood in solidarity with athletes who took on Nike, claiming pregnancy discrimination in their endorsement contracts. As a result, Nike announced they would no longer suspend athletes or dock their pay because of pregnancy or parenting.

And we’re certainly not afraid to hold companies accountable when they allow a culture of harassment to fester. Through the TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund, we supported claims against McDonald’s on behalf of employees who endured harassment, abuse, and retaliation. We released an open letter to McDonald’s leadership — signed by thousands of individuals and a coalition of advocates — demanding that McDonald’s act to end harassment and retaliation at their restaurants.

Bottom line: Changing companies is a key part of how we’ll make safe, fair, and dignified workplaces a reality for all. Join the fight by signing up.