We will reset, not retreat.

By The TIME'S UP Governing Board of Directors

We will reset, not retreat.

Almost four years ago, TIME’S UP roared on the stage to disrupt the status quo. For too long, too many of us were forced to tolerate workplace behavior we should not have had to.

In that moment and since, TIME’S UP has gained oxygen, shifted culture, and empowered people to speak up. Workplaces have implemented procedures to protect their staff.  Laws have been changed.  And giants have fallen because they abused their power.

We’ve also seen some previously at our organization face their own lapses in judgment that are inconsistent with our values.  While we’ve been tested and challenged, we said we would open ourselves up to review.  And that review is complete.  We are releasing the review in its entirety.

As sobering as the organization’s challenges are, we’ve heard from women across the country that the world needs a strong TIME’S UP.

Effective November 19th our organization announced we will reset.

Monifa Bandele, who has served graciously and professionally as interim president and CEO, will step down from the organization by the end of the year.  We made the difficult decision to reduce our core team.  Our staff will receive severance packages through March 1, 2022.  A minimal operational footprint will move to phase 2.

TIME’S UP is about so much more than one person, one group, or one organization.

Especially in this moment – as a global pandemic has widened inequities – the world needs a fierce TIME’S UP.

We will not retreat.

— The TIME’S UP Governing Board of Directors