Start Spreading the News: We Passed the TIME’S UP Safety Agenda in New York.

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TIME'S UP leaders and supporters gather in Albany to advocate for the New York Safety Agenda
TIME'S UP community members and staff met with Governor Andrew Cuomo and legislators to strengthen protections for survivors in New York. © Matthew McDermott

Last year, TIME’S UP connected a coalition of New York-based activists, attorneys, activists, and more to strengthen protections for survivors. The group noted that the statute of limitations on second- and third-degree rape in New York was one of the shortest in the nation — on par with Alabama — denying countless survivors their rightful day in court.

We also knew that people who experience sexual harassment at work face additional barriers to bringing forward claims against their employers due to the “severe and pervasive” standard — keeping all but the most egregious incidents of harassment out of court entirely.

TIME'S UP leaders meet with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo in Albany
Carmen LaBue, Leslie Silva, Mira Sorvino, and others partnered with TIME'S UP to bring the New York Safety Agenda to life. © Matt McDermott

Something had to change. And so we organized.

Working alongside Governor Andrew Cuomo, champions in the legislature like Sen. Alessandra Biaggi and Assembly Member Aravella Simotas, and the tireless advocates who had spearheaded this statewide effort for years, we helped pass the TIME’S UP New York Safety Agenda into law — eliminating the “severe and pervasive” standard, extending the statute of limitations on rape, and allowing workers like independent contractors, interns, and domestic workers to have the same protections as everyone else.

TIME'S UP leaders in Albany to meet with NY Governor Andrew Cuomo and legislators to encourage changes in current New York laws regarding sexual assault and rape.
TIME’S UP Now partnered with the Governor’s office and state advocacy organizations to put an end sexual harassment and empower working people, resulting in the New York Safety Agenda. © Matt McDermott

The TIME’S UP Safety Agenda was fully signed into law in September 2019, but the fight is not over. We need to make sure that survivors know their rights and that employers are held accountable when harassment does occur. That’s why we developed a Know Your Rights Toolkit for New Yorkers to understand their new, expanded protections under the TIME’S UP Safety Agenda.

We’re continuing to increase public awareness to ensure New Yorkers adhere to the new law. And we’ll use our victory in New York to continue the ripple effect we’re seeing in states across the country and at the federal level.

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