Tina Tchen: “Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s Record is Disqualifying”

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In 2018, Judge Amy Coney Barrett joined the ruling in Martin v. Milwaukee, reversing a lawsuit filed by Shonda Martin — a 19-year-old pregnant inmate assaulted repeatedly by an on-duty Milwaukee County correctional facility guard — on the pretext that the guard was not acting in his official capacity during the multiple assaults. 

This isn’t the only ruling hostile to survivors’ rights that Judge Barrett has made. Her opinion in John Doe v. Purdue University goes so far as to suggest that protections for students against campus sexual assault will lead to the assumption that schools will discriminate against male perpetrators by believing women survivors. This is a concept that could eviscerate protections for everyone against sexual violence.

Tina Tchen, president and CEO of TIME’S UP Now, provided the following statement:

“Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s ruling in a 19-year-old rape victim’s case should be disqualifying. Shonda Martin was the victim of powerful abusers and a broken system that continues to enable them. Judge Barrett’s alarming ruling against Martin and against campus sexual assault survivors’ rights sends a chilling message to survivors everywhere. Frankly, her dangerous views have no place on the Supreme Court. 

“If Judge Barrett’s extreme record is not disqualifying enough, the unprecedented rush to confirm a new Supreme Court justice while an election is underway should be. With only two weeks to vet Judge Barrett’s 23-year career before last week’s hearings, the emergence just now of the Martin case proves that the American people have not been given a chance to understand her full record. What’s more, the Senate has not had time to provide proper advice and consent on this nomination to a lifetime seat on the highest court in our country. 

“There must be four senators of good conscience willing to stand up for our rights — and for our democracy — and vote no on this extreme nominee.” 


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