TIME’S UP Responds to Cuomo Bill to Close Rape Intoxicant Loophole

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Under current New York law, if a victim of a sexual offense was voluntarily intoxicated at the time of the crime, prosecutors cannot bring a case against the offender, even if the victim did not — or was unable to — give consent. Today, Governor Cuomo announced a proposed amendment to close this ‘rape intoxication loophole’ in the New York penal code.

Jennifer Klein, chief strategy and policy officer at TIME’S UP Now, responded to Gov. Cuomo’s proposal with the following statement:

“Rape is rape, regardless of whether you voluntarily or involuntarily consumed alcohol or drugs — but right now, New York’s penal code doesn’t treat it that way. A legal technicality has shielded sexual abusers from accountability and hindered sexual abuse survivors from obtaining the justice they deserve.

TIME’S UP commends Governor Andrew Cuomo for his leadership in proposing to close the ‘rape intoxication loophole,’ and urges the state legislature to follow his lead.”


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