TIME’S UP Now Blasts Trump Administration for Withholding Sexual Harassment Guidance from New EEOC Portal

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Refusal to Protect LGBTQIA+ Workers Cited as Reason for Delay

Yesterday, Bloomberg Law reported that guidance from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) on how the agency enforces the federal law banning workplace sexual harassment remains absent from a new portal designed to make all EEOC guidance currently in effect easily accessible. According to Bloomberg Law, the sexual harassment guidance — first drafted under the Obama administration — is likely omitted from the database because it has been held up over “disagreements within the Trump administration” about whether harassment of LGBTQIA+ employees is a form of sexual harassment.

In response, Tina Tchen, president and CEO of TIME’S UP Now, responded with the following statement:

“By the EEOC’s own estimates, sexual harassment is experienced by up to 85 percent of women during their careers. We’re not going to solve this widespread problem if the Trump Administration can’t even agree to allow the EEOC to put guidance about how it enforces the law into a database that purports to house ‘all EEOC guidance documents currently in effect.’

“The possibility that the Trump administration’s refusal to unequivocally protect LGBTQIA+ workers from sexual harassment is causing the delay of final enforcement guidance is horrifying. In this day and age, clear guidance from the EEOC that discrimination against LGBTQIA+ individuals is impermissible and unlawful gender-based harassment is overdue.” 


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