TIME’S UP Legal Defense Backs New Class Action Lawsuit Against McDonald’s

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Today, the Fight for $15 announced a new class action lawsuit on behalf of thousands of McDonald’s restaurant workers at more than 100 restaurants. The lawsuit, filed with support from the TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund, marks the fourth time in less than three years that the fast food chain has faced a wave of allegations about rampant sexual harassment and gender discrimination in its U.S.-based stores.

TIME’S UP Now released the following statement from Chief Strategy and Policy Officer Jennifer Klein:

“Every day, workers are forced to choose between getting their paycheck or speaking up about sexual harassment and discrimination at the hands of their co-workers or managers. Workers in low-paid, woman-dominated industries – including fast food workers – are especially vulnerable to harassment. Without few resources and little power, many remain silent for fear of retaliation – or losing their jobs altogether – if they come forward.

“This brutal reality has been worsened by the looming economic recession, which has placed millions of low-paid workers – and those in food service, in particular – in economic peril. The financial pressure facing the American workforce today creates another reason that survivors of workplace harassment and abuse may stay in jobs that are unsafe.

“TIME’S UP is in solidarity with these McDonald’s workers in their fight for justice. And at this pivotal moment in our society, we remain as committed as ever to our fight for safety, equity, and respect for every worker – regardless of her job or her ZIP code.”


TIME’S UP™ Now is the nonpartisan and not-for-profit advocacy arm of TIME’S UP. We advocate for safe, fair, and dignified work for all in the public and private sectors, calling for an end to harassment and other related forms of discrimination on the job. And we fight to rebuild the systems that have taken away women’s power for far too long. TIME’S UP Now is a 501(c)(4) social welfare organization.