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TIME’S UP Calls Biden’s American Families Plan ‘Necessary Down Payment’

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Washington, D.C. Today, ahead of his inaugural joint address to Congress, President Joe Biden released a $1.8 trillion spending and tax plan. The American Families Plan calls for a robust public investment in caregiving, including direct support for families and child care workers, ensuring caregivers have the resources they need, and extending the child tax credit in the American Rescue Plan.

What’s more, this plan will create our nation’s first permanent national paid family and medical leave program, which will ensure that workers can afford to take time to care for their loved ones.

Tina Tchen, president and CEO of TIME’S UP Now, provided the following statement:

“The American Families Plan is a necessary down payment and an essential step towards building safer, more equitable workplaces. These kinds of investments in a care economy are direct investments in women, who continue to bear the brunt of the caregiving and economic crises. Because caregiving, without a doubt, IS infrastructure. 

“The pandemic has opened our eyes to the ways our economic systems have failed working women. Prioritizing caregiving in our pandemic recovery efforts means getting women back to work, including the more than 1.5 million mothers who’ve left the workforce permanently due to caregiving burdens and financial hardship. 

“It’s time for permanent public investments in child care, home- and community-based services, and paid family and medical leave to ensure that we can all take care of our families and that caregivers have access to safety and fair wages. We urge Congress to seize this moment for transformational change.”

Additional Background

  • A new Monmouth poll found that nearly 2 in 3 Americans (64%) support expanding child care and paid leave.
  • Earlier this month, a POLITICO/Morning Consult poll found broad support for President Biden’s infrastructure plan (57% vs. 24%), including support for paid leave and caregiving.
    • According to the poll, 47% of people agree that paid leave is infrastructure, including 31% of Republicans.
    • What’s more, 53% of people agree that child care is infrastructure, including 40% of Republicans.
    • And 54% of people agree that caregiving is infrastructure, including 43% of Republicans.
  • A Data for Progress poll found that 71% of voters – including 64% of Independents and 58% of Republicans – support investing in care infrastructure.


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