TIME’S UP: Biden COVID-19 Relief Package Is Important and Necessary Down Payment to Help Families and Workers

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Tonight, President-elect Joe Biden is reported to unveil the first phase of a much-needed $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief plan, which includes $1,400 stimulus checks for American families, state and local aid, and a comprehensive national strategy for COVID-19 testing and safe production and distribution of the vaccine. 

Notably, the Biden proposal reportedly includes a monthly child tax credit of $600 for every child under six and $250 for every child between the ages of six and 17 — as well as extended paid sick and family leave benefits, funding for hard-hit schools, and unemployment benefits. A broader stimulus package focused on longer-term is expected to come in the next few weeks. 

Tina Tchen, president and CEO of TIME’S UP Now, provided the following statement:

“President-elect Biden’s coronavirus relief plan is an important and necessary down payment to help families and our economy recover. It comes at a critical time when at least 156,000 women lost their jobs last month — bringing women’s total job losses to 5.4 million since February 2020.

“We commend the incoming Biden-Harris administration’s commitment to building a care infrastructure, especially the inclusion of extended paid leave benefits and child care support. But to truly have a strong economy, our leaders must provide these benefits permanently, so families can take time away from work in order to care for loved ones in need. What’s more, a care infrastructure means making a major public investment in child care programs, the child care workforce, and long-term care for the elderly and people with disabilities, as well as providing paths to legal status for immigrants who are caregivers.

This is the moment for a bold, public investment. A comprehensive caregiving plan would rebuild our jobs infrastructure on a sustainable basis for the future and would have short- and long-term economic payoffs: investing in a robust care infrastructure will help people stay in jobs, promote productivity, and support overall economic growth. We look forward to seeing this in the second phase of the economic relief plan.”

Additional Background

Ninety percent of registered voters agree that providing support and services for people with children and aging, ill, or disabled family members will provide economic stability for millions of people and eight in 10 voters say unsupported caregiving is a huge burden for families, according to a recent poll commissioned by TIME’S UP Foundation, Caring Across Generations, and Paid Leave for All Action.

Over two-thirds of Biden voters recognize care policies as very important and a plurality of Trump voters agree, according to a November exit poll commissioned by TIME’S UP Now, the National Partnership for Women and Families, and the National Women’s Law Center. That poll also found voters view care policies, such as safe and affordable child care and long-term care for elder relatives or those with disabilities, as an important part of a broad issue agenda to recover and build back from the COVID-19 crisis — even more important than reducing the deficit and national debt and cutting regulations on businesses


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