TIME’S UP Applauds Jen Klein And Julissa Reynoso, Biden’s Picks to Co-Chair White House Gender Policy Council

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Today, the Biden administration announced that Jennifer Klein, TIME’S UP’s chief strategy and policy officer, and Julissa Reynoso, Dr. Jill Biden’s incoming chief of staff, will head the White House Gender Policy Council. The new Council will continue the legacy of the White House Council on Women and Girls, which TIME’S UP President and CEO Tina Tchen previously led and President Trump disbanded soon after taking office. 

Tina Tchen, president and CEO of TIME’S UP Now and former executive director of the White House Council on Women and Girls, provided the following statement: 

“I applaud the Biden administration’s decision to name Julissa Reynoso and our very own Jen Klein to co-chair the White House Gender Policy Council. Jen and Julissa are two leaders who have spent their careers fighting for the rights of women, girls, and all people across the gender spectrum around the world. 

“Having worked closely with Jen in the Obama administration and to build and grow TIME’S UP research and policy advocacy work, I know that Jen is among the most knowledgeable, innovative, and values-driven gender policy experts in the world. With Jen’s vast experience on domestic gender issues dating back to the Clinton administration and her expertise on global gender issues honed while holding senior roles in the State Department under Secretary Hillary Clinton, it is great news for our country and the world that Jen will be at the helm of the Biden administration’s work on gender issues, both here and abroad.

“I also commend the incoming administration for reinstating the Council, which I had the privilege to lead during my tenure in the Obama administration. At a time when women, particularly women of color, are bearing the brunt of current crises — from shouldering increased caregiving demands to losing jobs in record numbers and working on the frontlines of the pandemic — the incoming administration has sent a clear signal of its commitment by restarting the Council and centering BIPOC women and girls in its work. 

“The Trump administration’s steady assault on women’s rights, civil rights, and LGBTQIA+ rights, including the Department of Justice’s recent decision to stop ‘disparate impact’ protections for protected groups, makes this Council all the more critical. I look forward to working with Jen, Julissa, and the Council to achieve TIME’S UP’s vision of safe, fair, and equitable work for everyone, everywhere.”


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