Statement from Rebecca Goldman, Interim CEO of TIME’S UP Now, in Response to New Allegations of Sexual Harassment at NBC

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“The latest allegations of sexual assault against Matt Lauer are deeply troubling. TIME’S UP supports Brooke Nevils, Melissa Lonner, and the at least two other women who have come forward publicly and privately with allegations of abuse, harassment, or related retaliation at the hands of Matt Lauer.

“But this is not simply the case of one bad actor. Egregious behavior like Lauer’s is often only possible in a toxic work environment, where protecting people takes a backseat to protecting the careers of powerful men and the reputation of an even more powerful company.

“We commend NBC for taking an important step by firing Matt Lauer after Brooke reported the assault to HR, but that must only be the start: Real progress happens when corporations like NBC make a transparent and continuous commitment to creating and nurturing a culture of safety and equity, which often involves long-term structural change across all levels. Instead, NBC’s latest statements fail to demonstrate a commitment to such change and fail to support the victims who take the courageous step to come forward.

“NBC’s 2018 investigation revealed a number of areas where NBC should work to improve its culture. We ask NBC to be transparent about the steps it has taken, and the steps it will continue to take, to establish the inclusive, fair, and equitable workplace culture that every employee of NBC deserves.

“TIME’S UP has recommended best practices for companies and is committed to doing further research in this area through our TIME’S UP Impact Lab, a new initiative that will pioneer research driving toward public policy, private sector, and culture change to address sexual harassment and other forms of discrimination, as well as broader systemic inequality and injustice at work.”


TIME’S UP™ Now is the nonpartisan and not-for-profit advocacy and political arm of TIME’S UP. We advocate for safe, fair, and dignified work for all in the public and private sectors, calling for an end to harassment and other related forms of discrimination on the job. And we fight to rebuild the systems that have taken away women’s power for far too long. TIME’S UP Now is a 501(c)(4) social welfare organization.