Most Americans Support TIME’S UP — and Believe Progress Is Underway

Changing Culture, Power, Safety

Most Americans view TIME’S UP and the #MeToo movement as a force for good — and believe we’re making progress already. That’s according to new findings from a CBS News poll, and the positive views hold true among both men and women.

While it’s heartening to see just how many people support TIME’S UP’s mission to make work safe and equitable for all, it’s clear there’s a lot more work to be done. A majority of Americans see harassment as a serious issue — and it’s time that policymakers, business leaders, and cultural change-makers treat it as such.

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Most Americans believe TIME’S UP has made progress on the issue of sexual harassment.

The report found that 63 percent of Americans believe the #MeToo movement and TIME’S UP organization have made progress raising awareness about sexual harassment. Indeed, a majority of Americans view TIME’S UP favorably — twice the percentage of people who hold an unfavorable view. 

Photo Credit: CBS News

TIME’S UP and #MeToo have changed how men view sexual harassment — particularly young men.

More than half of young men (aged 18-29) say that TIME’S UP and #MeToo have made them rethink how men behave toward women. 42 percent of young men say they now have a clearer understanding of what constitutes harassment, and 36 percent say they’re talking about the issue more often than they did before.

Photo credit: CBS News

Women are now more likely to speak up if harassment happens to them.

Twenty-nine percent of working women say they’re more likely to report sexual harassment if it happens to them as a result of #MeToo and TIME’S UP. What’s more, most women believe that having more women in leadership positions would reduce harassment.

People from all walks of life believe sexual harassment is a serious problem. But young women are especially convinced.

Seventy-six percent of Americans believe sexual harassment is a serious problem in society today, with four in 10 women saying it’s very serious. A majority of young women — 52 percent — believe sexual harassment is a very serious issue and nearly half of all adults under 30 agree.

Photo Credit: CBS News

Most men and women believe that women still face discrimination.

Seventy-two percent of women and 62 percent of men say that women face barriers at work. TIME’S UP believes firmly that only by rooting out underlying inequities and discrimination will women be truly safe at work. 

Bottom line: More than ever before, women are feeling empowered and men are feeling a responsibility to shift problematic social norms.

Just two years after its founding, TIME’S UP is as committed than ever to creating a world where work is safe, fair, and dignified for every person. We’re working tirelessly to change culture, companies, and laws so that everybody has an equal shot at success at work.

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