We got the presidential candidates on the record

FORTUNE and TIME’S UP Now Ask the Candidates Your Top Questions on Women and Work

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Fortune and TIME'S UP Ask the Candidates

For months, TIME’S UP has been pushing candidates, journalists, and debate moderators to ask hard questions about the issues that matter to voters but rarely get the airtime they deserve: Sexual harassment, the pay gap, paid family and medical leave, and childcare.

These are issues that matter to the majority of voters and impact every sector of our economy. Eighty-one percent of voters consider sexual harassment a serious issue and 51 percent say they wouldn’t consider voting for a candidate who didn’t make it a serious priority. And yet, historically, no presidential primary debate has ever had a substantive policy discussion about combatting workplace sexual harassment — an issue that impacts 85 percent of women, according to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunities Commission. And debates covering the pay gap, paid leave, and childcare are nearly as rare.

That’s why we teamed up with FORTUNE magazine to host a digital forum and get the presidential candidates on the record about the key issues facing women voters today. Check out FORTUNE and TIME’S UP Ask the Candidates about the Issues that Matter to Working Women now to learn where the presidential contenders stand on these critical issues.

These issues deserve a town hall of their own, and we’re grateful to FORTUNE for giving these issues, which are so fundamental to women’s lives, the scrutiny they deserve.
Tina Tchen

President & CEO, TIME'S UP Now

TIME’S UP helped create this presidential forum to put these issues front-and-center — right where they deserve to be. Watch the candidates discuss TIME’S UP’s critical issues now and get fired up to make your voice heard.