It’s time to take on sexist political attacks. Join us.

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Too ambitious. Too angry. Too persistent. Too old. Too young. Nasty.

For only the third time in the 231-year history of the presidency, a woman will be nominated as the Vice Presidential candidate for a major party. She will join a record number of women running for political office, across parties, up and down the ballot. And yet already, political reporters and opinion makers are once again using the same sexist tropes about women running for political office.

No more.

We must show that the American people will not stand for the same kind of sexist and racist attacks that have historically been used against women running for office, and which have had a devastating impact on campaigns in the past.

That’s why we’re building a rapid response effort to defend the VP nominee and other female candidates from sexist and racist political attacks. Our analysis will be fact based and non-partisan. Whenever this subtle, and not so subtle, bias creeps into public discourse, we will fight back and shine a light on it before it takes hold.

Your support now will help TIME’S UP Now and a coalition of movement partners use our collective voices and those of our networks to change the narrative about women running for office, once and for all.