Women of Color are Leading the Way

A women smiling and speaking into a microphone
Women of color are at the center of our work, and they are leading the way. © Aleah Clark

TIME’S UP Women of Color (WOC, pronounced “woke”) are working groups specifically designed to build community and spark critical conversations about race throughout TIME’S UP’s work.

Black Women Gather: In February of 2019, right when the Grammy Awards took place, TIME’S UP Entertainment hosted the inaugural Black Women Gather event. Two hundred and fifty black women gathered in Los Angeles to witness and participate in conversations facilitated by activist Brittany Packnett and Professor Kimberlé Crenshaw. These community leaders identified priorities, such as collective action, building inter-generational wealth, consolidating political power, and supporting survivors of color. In 2020, we intend to bring these inspiring women together again to explore last year’s conversations through this year’s lens and to continue setting an agenda for real and lasting change.

A diverse group of women gathering
TIME'S UP WOC is sparking critical discussions to ensure women of color are in positions of power. © Aleah Clark

A+ (AAPI+): Asian and Pacific Islander stories are finally receiving the visibility they deserve, but more work needs to be done to change the way AAPI+ experiences are depicted in our culture. That’s why A+ women — women of Asian descent — host events to discuss AAPI representation in film, how it affects the way Asian women are viewed and treated, and how to shift the narratives of stories featuring AAPI+ characters.

LatinX: In October 2018, over 100 LatinX people working in entertainment gathered to discuss building LatinX power in the industry. This year, the LatinX working group will team up with The Latinx House to scale these events and push for even greater community building within the industry.

Group of LatinX women posing for a photo
Building community is a key aspect of TIME'S UP WOC. © Todd Westphal

What’s next for TIME’S UP WOC: Women of Color (WOC) are leading the way at TIME’S UP in all aspects of our work. WOC will continue building community by holding more events in 2020, covering topics ranging from inclusion and access in the workplace to making sure women of color are in positions of power, all while advancing TIME’S UP’s work to change culture, companies, and laws.

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